Vehicle Diagnostics Service

Specialists in Vehicle Fault Finding

Diagnostic Services Temporarily Suspended

Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown, our diagnostic workshop is currently closed.

Please check back to see when we are operational again.

Complex car problems, save money, call us first.

Your vehicle problems solved by spcialist diagnostics services in Bridgwater.

Highly trained Master Technicians accurately identify vehicle faults and problems.

We’ll advise on the necessary repair process.

We will confirm the cause and suggest a course of action to solve the problem.

You choose what you what to do. You remain in control of the budget.

Vehicle Problem Assessment

We perform a comprehensive health check of the reported symptoms in an attempt to solve your vehicle concern, which includes test, measurement and minor (no parts) fault rectification.

This service will save you spending money unnecessary parts.

Fixed fee, no surprises.

We realise that your vehicle is important to you, and we understand that you need it to carry on daily life.

We ask you to consider that some faults are complex in nature, and will require you to be without your vehicle for some time whilst fault finding is undertaken.

Where this is likely, we will recommend that you make alternative transport arrangements whilst we solve your vehicle problem.

Over the years, we often are asked for things that we are unable to help you with, particularly where the £49.99 fault code read is concerned.

A few of the things we are unable to help you with:

  •  Quick code reads, or plug-in’s, or a ‘diagnostic’ or ‘just turning the light off’.These are a waste of time and money. Fixing the root cause is the only reliable method to solving your problem.
  •  Money you’ve spent elsewhere trying to fix your problem.We really feel for car owners that have wasted time and money at other garages, not solving their problem. We see it a lot and it frustrates us. Most of our customer would have saved £100’s if they had come to us in the first place.
  •  The ‘other’ garage or mechanic who you’re annoyed with because they could’t fix it.Many of our customers are sent to us by other garages who have failed to solve the job first time around.

    Undoubtedley, the other garage will have had a ‘good go’.

    We tend to find that the complex nature of your problem vehicle will have outstripped their, knowledge, expertise and capabilities.

  • Second hand parts or new parts you’ve supplied yourself.Modern vehicles have many parts that are electronically coded specifically to your chassis number. Second hand parts will be electronically coded to the chassis of the donor vehicle. Swaps and replacements are therefore not possible.

    Used parts are fraught with difficulty and generally end up causing reliability issues, wasted labour (fitting parts that don’t work), mis-matches in the vehicle which lead to other problems and such like. We are unable to fit used parts.

    New electronic parts of dubious quality are also a significant issue.

    Dealer parts are expensive, but are 99.9% reliable.

    So called ‘Pattern Parts’, unbranded, sub-branded, white lable or second line parts are a waste of your money and our time. Parts warehouses, auction sites and on-line shopping sites focus only on price and not on performance.

    We have an explicit duty of care to you and your vehicle. We execute this duty of care in relation to parts by using our own carefully selected and trusted trade parts suppliers. We are unable to fit parts you supply yourself.

Our diagnostic assessment approach to fault finding has been honed over many years.

It is our way; it works.


Initial Diagnostic Assessment £ 90 (inc VAT).

Software Update (1 control unit) from £ 54 (inc VAT).

ADAS Calibration (Camera) – after vehicle geometry has been set  from £150 (inc VAT).

ADAS Calibration (Radar) – after vehicle geometry has been set from £150 (inc VAT).


Vehicles Are Very Complex

We will use our 30+ years of fault finding experience to resolve your vehicle problems.

We are specialists.

We have the best trained staff.


Expertise Saves You Money

We are trained on the latest systems and are equipped to the best standards.

We have the best technical resources.

We have a vast amount of specific experience.

How Does It Work?

We agree a budget with you and stick to it.

We put you in control of the repair process, your car, your problem, your money, you decide.


Why should I Bring My Car To You?

Q. I can get a £49.99 code read. Why does your service cost more?

A. A cheap code is the same as googling “what’s wrong with my car”. The results in both cases will be low cost with very patchy results.

They will usually lead you to replacing parts, which won’t solve your problem.

The £49.99 ‘diagnostic place’ will use general mechanics to ‘plug-in’ and ‘read the computer’.  Without the required diagnostic expertise, their recommendation will be to change parts.

When this approach fails, they will give you an excuse ‘that’s what the computer told us to do’. This is an amateur approach which will waset your time and your money!

Our FAULT ASSESSMENT service offers a much more logical and detailed approach to save you time and money.

This is because:

1) We employ independently verified expert diagnostic technicians to work on your car. This means we will find the fault quickly and accurately.  

2) We will use state of the art diagnostic techniques and technical equipment to comprehensively assess the performance of the systems fitted to your vehicle.

3) We will tap in to the vehicle manufactures own computer systems to check for Technical Service Bulletins and software updates which may be required to solve your problem. 

4) We perform system and component analysis prior to condemning parts. So you won’t spend you money on unnecessary parts.

5) Our technical team undergo frequent training to keep pace with the technology that powers your vehicle.

Fault Diagnosis We apply our expertise, our experience, our resources and our skill in equal measure to ensure your problem is resolved in the most cost effective, value for money way possible.

Busy workshop full of vehicles with problems being solved.

We can solve the most complex of problems.