Classic Car – Tuning, Diagnosis, Running Faults and Expert Diagnosis

JaCrypton Tuningmes, our Accredited Master Technician, has many years experience of classic vehicle tuning and fault diagnosis. A graduate of the famous Crypton Training School, where he held the position of Senior Training Instructor and later Centre Manager, James has many years experience of classic vehicle tuning and diagnostics. James spent his formative years as a vehicle technician at Thornfalcon Motors (garage and classic car specialists).

Various faults and runningTwin Solex concerns can be assessed, diagnosed and fixed using skill, expertise and the right equipment.

James is happy setting up and balancing multiple carburettors or setting points and condenser systems, dwell angles and ignition advance curves. The oscilloscope, engine tuner, vacuum gauge, strobe-a-scope and 4 gas analyser are all very useful tools.

We can supply and fit (or fit) carburettor repair kits and parts for Solex, Stromberg, Webber, Zenith, SU and other popular makes. We are, of course, only too happy to set these up on your classic.

Tappet AdjustmentEngine tuning, fault diagnosis and rectification are skills that many modern garages have long forgotten. We take a classic approach to classic cars and their tuning and fault diagnosis. We’re very happy to look after your pride and joy, and as true motoring enthusiasts, you can be assured that we will take the same care or your vehicle as you do.

We have developed non-intrusive diagnostic techniques to help us accurately diagnose engine mechanical faults such as sticking rings, bent con rods as well as valve train problems such as worn cam lobes, cam timing errors and sticking valves. We also have a leading edge leak detection method for diagnosing air leaks and failed gaskets and troublesome oil leaks. These techniques are particularly useful on complex engines and awkward engine installations.

asnu fuel injectionOur workshop is equipped with an Asnu fuel injector test bench and we have the knowledge, skill and expertise to deal with vehicle equipped with D Jetronic (Druck or Pressure),  L Jetronic (Luft or Air), K Jetronic (Kontinuierlich or Continuouos), KE Jetronic (K with Electronic Control) , LH Jetronic (Luft with Hotwire), LE Jetronic (Luft with Electronic Control), MonoJet, Digifant, Motronic or pretty much any other fuel injection system. We can service your fuel injection system, ultrasonically cleaning and fitting the replacement service items and parts as required.

Please feel free to call for a no-obligation discussion on your classic car tuning or running faults.

01278 428699

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