Video Of The Week – BMW Engine Running Faults

Video Of The Week – BMW Engine Running Faults

Our video of the week this week highlights the importance of a good technical process.

Featuring Pine Hollow Diagnostic’s YouTube video, who in turn features New Level Auto’s YouTube video.

Often DTC’s are a symptom, and it can be easy to be distracted by them; especially when they mention a component. It requires mental disipline to not be distracted. It’s only natural to start to visualise components when a DTC is set.

Master Technicians tend avoid the biases that DTC’s can lead to. They will focus on ‘whole system function’, setting a course to evaluate system function. The video also shows why OEM technical information (process and key values) is critical in a fast, first time fix. The vehicle featured in the video already had a failed attempt with parts being fired at the symptom.

The key message is address the root cause, and don’t be distracted by the symptom.

Good work Pine Hollow Diagnostics.

Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.