EV IMI L3 Fast Track – e-learning & practical assessment


Our Hybrid and Electric vehicle training course has been designed for technicians who are required to diagnose, remove, refit and repair Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle components.

Suitable for initial membership to HEVRA

8 Module e-learning must be completed prior to attending our assessment centre for the practical – IMI assessment.

The next assessment day is planned for 9th September

In stock


12 months EV Elearning package for 1 person, plus IMI Centre Based Level 2 and Level 3 EV Practical Assessment for 1 person.

Price includes 12 months access to EV e-learning and IMI Assessment/Certification cost as our Skills Centre in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Assessment dates will be confirmed post lockdown (and after successful completion of the e-learning modules).

There are approximately 40 hours of EV e-learning content.

e-learning Course Module Details: 

Introduction: Electric drive, Electric drive quiz, Efficiency, Efficiency quiz, Loss of driving form, Loss of driving form quiz, Energy density, Energy density quiz, Energy flow in hybrid vehicles, Energy flow in hybrid vehicles quiz,

Safety Systems: Short circuit protection, Short circuit protection quiz, Interlock, Interlock quiz, Enabling HV system, Enabling HV system quiz, Permanent insulation monitoring, Permanent insulation monitoring quiz

Working with EV, Working with voltage quiz, Working on hybrid vehicles, Working on hybrid vehicles quiz, Voltage free switching HV system, Voltage free switching HV system quiz, Switching HV system to voltage free – software, Switching HV system to voltage free – software quiz, Towing a hybrid vehicle with planetary gear set, Towing a hybrid vehicle with planetary gear set quiz

Hybrid Systems: Hybrid vehicle with planetary gear system, Hybrid vehicle with planetary gear system quiz, Hybrid vehicle with planetary gear set – energy flows, Hybrid vehicle with planetary gear set – energy flows quiz

Forms of drive, Forms of drive quiz, Semi-hybrid, Semi-hybrid quiz, Full hybrid, Full hybrid quiz, Plug-in hybrid, Plug-in hybrid quiz, Electric vehicle with range extender, Electric vehicle with range extender quiz, Fully electric car, Fully electric car quiz, Driving forms – recognise, Driving forms – recognise quiz

Electric Motors: Rotating magnetic field, Rotating magnetic field quiz, Permanent magnet synchronous motor, Permanent magnet synchronous motor quiz, Synchronous motor with permanent magnet – operation, Synchronous motor with permanent magnet – operation quiz, Squirrel cage induction motor, Squirrel cage induction motor quiz, Squirrel cage induction motor – operation, Squirrel cage induction motor – operation quiz

HV Components: HV cables, HV cables quiz, HV battery, HV battery quiz, Resolver ,Resolver quiz, DC/DC converter, DC/DC converter quiz, DC/DC converter – efficiency, DC/DC converter – efficiency quiz, DC/DC converter – operation, DC/DC converter – operation quiz, Inverter, Inverter quiz, Inverter – operation, Inverter – operation quiz

Charging Systems, Charging quiz, Charging connector, Charging connector quiz, Charging modes, Charging modes quiz, Charging cable, Charging cable quiz, Charger, Charger quiz, Charging station, Charging station quiz, Charging system, Charging system quiz, Charging protocol, Charging protocol quiz

Battery Management Systems: Battery Management System quiz, State of Charge, State of Charge quiz, Battery balancing, Battery balancing quiz, Passive balancing, Passive balancing quiz, State of Health, State of health quiz

Full course description Hybrid and EV Level 3 Fast Track Course Description


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