Air Conditioning Systems


The course will show you:

How to be safe when working with high voltage air conditioning systems.

How to avoid 5 common mistakes that technicians make when working with EV Air Conditioning Systems.

How to diagnose the top 10 EV Air Conditioning systems faults correctly each time, every time.

A repeatable 4 step diagnostic process to quickly and accurately diagnose EV Air Conditioning systems.

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There is a high degree of probability that your first encounter with an EV, apart from an MOT test, may be due to a fault in the air conditioning, climate control or cabin heating system, therefore, you need to be sure that you are equipped with the knowledge, skill and understanding of how the systems work.

High voltage compressors which run independently of drive belts or internal combustion engines; complex, reversible heat pump systems; PTC heaters; high voltage ‘kettles’ for cabin heating; AC cooled battery packs are a few of the things you’ll learn.