BMW Technical Support 5 Case Pack


Purchase a 5 ticket support pack for car problems which need to be solved using the genuine BMW ISTA Dealer Tool.

The scope of service covers both vehicle technical problems and ISTA operation and use.

Check out our online ISTA learning if you need help using the ISTA tool, AIR or AOS :

For 5 support service cases. 1 support case (problem) = 1 ticket.

Must be used within 12 months from date of purchase.

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5 x Ticket Support Package for technical support on ISTA as well as BMW and MINI vehicle problems.

1 problem = 1 ticket.

All tickets have to be used within 12 months or purchase.

General scope of the service includes:

  • Use and operation of the ISTA tool
  • Validation of system set-up and configuration
  • Diesel engines
  • Gasoline engines
  • Hybrid and Electric vehicles
  • Active safety systems: ABS, ESP
  • Passive safety systems: SRS, pedestrian protection
  • Power steering systems: hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electric
  • Active suspension Systems
  • Exhaust gas treatment systems: DPF, SCR, GPF
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Comfort systems: central locking, lighting, parking assistance systems, infotainment, driver assistance systems
  • Full analysis of electrical diagrams - assistance in the diagnosis and verification of the electrical system
  • Analysis of schematic diagrams - explanation of the operation of individual systems and systems including fuses and relays.
  • Automatic transmissions, including : Operating fluids, service procedures, repair procedures, computer diagnostics, Help in determining damage: both electronics and mechanics.
  • Computer diagnostics: problems with connecting and reading information, analysis of diagnostic trouble codes, serial data analysis, step-by-step guidance in the diagnosis of a given system and determining the root cause of a symptom, diagnostic procedures (coding, component tests, measures plan, programming, adaptations etc.).
  • Calibration of ADAS radars and cameras and adaptive lighting systems.