Course Date
5th & 6th September

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Peugeot and Citroen Diag and Servicebox Systems Training

With the advance of modern vehicle technology, it is becoming critical to be able to do ‘Total Vehicle Diagnostics’.

This means using the dealers equipment, systems and software. This training course is aimed at helping independent workshops and vehicle technicians, who want to go ‘Dealer Level’ with their diagnostics, on the PSA Group vehicles (Peugeot, Citroen and DS).

We will use the Diagbox diagnostic software, ServiceBox Portal, Sedre wiring diagrams and the genuine Actia interface extensively on this training course.


Course Content

  • PSA Diagbox System Software Operation & Use 100% 100%
  • Diagbox – for independent garages 70% 70%
  • Wiring Diagrams and Technical Info 39% 39%
  • PSA Fault Finding Process 33% 33%
  • Flash Updates and Programming 33% 33%
  • Setup and Configuration 10% 10%

More Detailed Information

PSA Diag and Servicebox training has been designed and written with the independent operator or specialist garage in mind. The advancement of the modern motor vehicle has led us to a situation where we must be able to diagnose, repair, reflash, code and program a multitude of components to complete the repair and get to the invoice stage. This course covers the the PSA Groups diagnostic and information solution.

Going ‘dealer level’ with your diagnostics may seem daunting, but in reality, with some training and support, it is fairly straight forward. In fact, once you’ve made the change, you will look back an wonder how you ever managed doing things the ‘old’ way. With the diminishing level of dealer level coverage within diagnostic equipment, using with genuine dealer equipment in your workshop is the only way for go-ahead businesses and technicians to maintain and grow their business. As vehicle technology continutes to advance at break-neck speed, dealer diagnostic solutions are the only realistic option to offer your customers the service you want to.

With our pre-course set-up support, the face-to-face training and the post course help and guidance, we’ll help you make the transition from make-do diagnostics to can-do diagnostics. This training course will enable you to get up and running with PSA group vehicles, to use it effectively in your own business processes and to enable you to be in control of the diagnostic and repair process from initial fault right through to the fix (and the invoice). This training course covers the following subject matter areas:

  • Dealer level from an independent repairs viewpoint.
  • DiagBox and Servicebox philosophy, operation and use.
  • Hardware and software requirements (installation and updating) & pitfalls.
  • Operations, Vehicle Information, Vehicle Management & Service Plans – explained.
  • Navigation, menu structure and getting done what you want to.
  • PSA DiaBox for the independent mind.
  • Service & Service Updates.
  • TSB and known faults.
  • Diagnostic Test Plans – when to follow and when not to.
  • Joined up diagnostics, process, information and repair.
  • Quick and accurate use of ServiceBox, wiring diagrams and repair and service technical information.
  • Guided fault finding processes.
  • Software ‘updates’, programming and coding.

The training course is delivered in a technician friendly manner. There is a mix of both workshop and class room sessions appropriate to the subject matter. There are also ample opportunities to get hands on with the system and appropriate test vehicles. Places on this course are strictly limited in order to ensure a quality training experience for all participants.