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Electric Vehicle Training: Level 3, 2 day course

Our Hybrid and Electric vehicle training course has been designed for technicians who are required to diagnose, remove, refit and repair Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle components. It  follows the National Occupational Standard at Level 3 and successful completion (via formal assessment) leads to  a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification.

You will learn to safely use a suitable multimeter, insulation tester, the oscilloscope and a diagnostic scan tool (DTC’s and Data Stream) as well as specilist safety equipment.

You will learn how to work safely on hybrid and electric vehicles, you will learn how to make an EV safe to work on (for service and repair operations), you’ll learn how to connect alternative power supply (in the case of a flat battery), plus you’ll learn about how hybrid and electric vehicles work.

Successful completion of the course will result in the IMI L3 EV Accredited Qualification.


Course Content

  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 100% 100%
  • Systems Operation 60% 60%
  • Hands On 50% 50%
  • Safe Working Practices 40% 40%
  • Scan Tool & OEM Information 20% 20%
  • Remove & Refit Hybrid Components 15% 15%
* Percentages shown are an estimate of the content based on a typical course.

More Detailed Information

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle is a set to be a huge growth area with many motor manufacturers declaring that the end is nigh for traditional petrol and diesel engined vehicles. Hybrids and electric vehicle may seem complicated and daunting and can cause confusion when trying to service, repair or diagnose a system fault. In addition to this, safe working practices must be adopted during routine service and repair, as well as when components are removed and refitted.

Our expertise of hybrid and EV is long and wide. We have been involved with the running hybrid and electric vehicles, in their diagnosis and repair (including advanced battery repairs) and training since the mid 2000’s. We currently have a hybrid/EV in our personal fleet. We also deliver train-the-trainer on hybrid and electrical vehicle to training companies and technical colleges throughout the UK.

We have teamed up with the IMI in order to have this course accredited at Level 3. One of the reasons we have done this is in anticipation of proposed health and safety legislation and/or licencing for technicians who want to work with these vehicle systems. This course meets the National Occupation Standards at Level 2 and Level 3, and is formally assessed. Successful completion of the course and the assessment will lead to the award of a Level 3 Qualification in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle.

It is anticipated that Level 3 will the minimum requirement in the future. Best practice dictates that each technical staff member should be qualified to at least level 2 (service technician). Diagnostic technicians should be qualified to level 3 (for fault diagnosis and removal, test and refit of high voltage systems) and the senior technician/foreman should be qualified to level 4. There may duty of care implications  or liabilities for business owners if adequate training for these systems isn’t provided for employees.

This course will take you through our unique approach to safe working, service and repair, remove and refit of high voltage components. Everything we cover on this course has a direct link to the practical aspect of service, repair and maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles.

This course acts as a gateway to our 3 day advanced EV and Hybrid diagnostics course (IMI Level 4).