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21st - 23rd September
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VW Group Specialists Electric Vehicle Training - Brief Description

This course has been developed to enable garages and workshops who specialise in Volkswagen Group vehicles (VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda) to gain EV specific product knowledge. With pure EV, EVerything is different and you should upskill to take advantage of this growing segment of the market.

The course is based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. The course will utilise a VW ID.3 as the practical base vehicle, as this technology runs through every vehicle in the brand.

The course will utilise ODIS and ELSA Pro throughout the course, for information and diagnostic services. We will establish the specialist tool set and workshop equipment required to perform diagnostics, service and repair to the MEB platform.

The course will start with the design, use, operation and features of the ID.3, to ensure that you have the knowledge and understanding of base vehicle operation. Familiarity with the vehicle type will assist you in projecting your expertise and also in determining customer concerns.

The course then moves onto service and maintance operations which are required during the life of the vehicle. This will enable you to plan how to implement EV service and repair into your business. This section will include high voltage HVAC systems and electric vehicle heat pumps.

The next session sees us deep dive into repair operations focusing on the major component groups of: charging; high voltage battery & battery control; motor/generator; inverter; dc to dc converter; climate control; braking systems; vehicle networks, infotainment and body systems.

The course also contains a short session on how capatilise on your new found skills with ‘how to market your EV services to EV owners and fleet operators’.

Part of the course will involve live working with high voltages (an EV Level 4 requirement). The specialist EV4 level qualified course instructor will ensure all safety requirements are in place for these elements of the course.

We would encourage garages ensure at least one team member is qualified to Level EV4 to enable live working with high voltages in your own workshop. This is necessary to be able to provide the wide range of repair operations require to be an EV specialist workshop.

A ‘generic’ EV level 3 qualification is a pre-requisit to attending this course (see our EV Fasttrack if you don’t have Level 3 EV Level 3 Fast Track), to ensure your safety.

Please note: To ensure course continuity, in some specific cases, a generic EV system (such as heat pump) may be used on the course where the VW Group option is not readily/easily available.

Course Content

  • VW Group EV Systems 100% 100%
  • EV Form, Function & Operation 80% 80%
  • Hands On 50% 50%
  • Fault Diagnosis Technique 50% 50%
  • EV Systems 30% 30%
  • Service & Maintenance 25% 25%
  • Safe Working Practices 5% 5%
  • Selling EV Service & Repair 5% 5%
* Percentages shown are an estimate of the content based on a typical course.

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