IMPORTANT Diagnostic Assistance Final Update for Windows 10

During December we released a free update for Diagnostic Assistance Version 16.

This update, the final update for Version 16, enables it to run under the current iteration of Windows 10 (20H2).



Q. Why is this happening?

A. After 1st March 2021, Diagnostic Assistance Version 16 will no longer be supported (there will be no more maintenance releases). This is due to the software platform which Diagnostic Assistance V16 is written in is no longer supported by Windows (it was based on Windows 7 technology).

Q. Why are you stopping support for Diagnostic Assistance V16?

A. The official support from Microsoft for Windows 7 has stopped.

Q. Will I still be able to use my Diagnostic Assistance V16?

A. Yes you can still use Diagnostic Assistance Version 16. However, it is likely that future Windows 10 updates could cause problems running Diagnostic Assistance Version 16. It is likely, as newer versions of Windows 10 are released, that eventually, Version 16 will cease to function due to technology changes in the Windows 10 operating system.

Q. Is this the end for Diagnostic Assistance?

A. No, in anticipation of Microsoft stopping support for Windows 7, we have based the latest Diagnostic Assistance Version 17 development on the Windows 10 platform.

Q. Why this a sudden change?

A. We have been working on the Diagnostic Assistance 17 software project for the past year, knowing that Window 7 was coming to the end of its life.

Q. Will Diagnostic Assistance Version 17 be free?

A. Diagnostic Assistance Version 17 is a new release with new content and will be a ‘paid for’ release. Your continued support buying our software enables us to develop new content and support the Diagnostic Assistance platform.

Q. What new stuff is there in Version 17?

A. There will be around 521 topics in version 17. We have added new sections on AdBlue, SCR and NOx systems for diesels. We have added new component tests, added new fault code look-ups and new diagnostic tests. We have also added a new symptom analysis section to help guide you in your diagnostics. We have updated the other articles and technical subjects to reflect changes in vehicle technology.

Q. Will is still need the Blue USB Dongle to run version 17?

A. No. Although the Dongles worked very well, we felt it more convenient for you if we moved away from the USB. Therefore, we have decided to move away from hardware keys and move to an online license server instead.

Q. Will there be regular updates in the new version?

A. Yes. We have also implemented an automatic update feature in Diagnostic Assistance Version 17. This is one of the many benefits of upgrading. This will enable us to deliver new content to you automatically.

Q. Will I have to pay for these regular updates?

A. Diagnostic Assistance Version 17 has moved to an annual license model. This means that all of the new updates are included in the annual license fee.

Q. Will it be more expensive than DA V16?

A.  Pricing is being finalised, but we expect it to be the less than £300 per year. This will include 2 laptop/pc installs hosted on the same IP address (for one workshop/business).

Q. Why have you moved to an annual fee model for Version 17?

A. Software and content development is a very costly process. The annual license model is required to ensure that we can continue to keep the content and software up-to-date and proved you with the best product and back-up possible.

Q. What are the next steps?

A. Follow the link to raise a ticket to get your free maintenance release for V16 Windows 10. We will let you know when Version 17 is ready to go.

DA V16 Win 10 Update LINK