Diagnostic Assistance software, written by technicians for technicians, has undergone a core application update. This is in response to some changes to the Windows 10 operating system.

Important Update for all V16 Users.

The Diagnostic Assistance support team had received some tickets from users who mentioned several issues with their software since running Win 10 updates.  It appears that some significant changes to Windows were made from the May 2020 update (known as version 2004).

In response, our software team created a new update (called Win 10 Fix) which made several changes to the core application funcition, including the license update process, in order to ensure the continued smooth running of Diagnostic Assistance under Windows 10. The technical content hasn’t been altered.

The key issues we have seen are runtime errors when starting Diagnostic Assistance; the software putting up the splash screen on startup, but not running; component selection menu not scrolling correctly; the USB Dongle not being recognised. These issues have all be corrected with the new version update.

Accessing the update is a two step process.

Step 1: Head over to the Diagnostic Assistance Support Portal and register. Then log in a raise a ticket.

Support portal: support.diagnostic-assistance.co.uk

Raise a ticket with the category Version 16 Win 10 Update

You’ll then run a license refresh process (full instructions supplied within the ticketing system), and then be sent a link where you can download the revised software.

Step 2: Install the software and get a license.

Once again, the support team will provide full instructions of how to do this.

Once completed, you’ll be up and running with the updated version.

Find your Version of Windows 10

To find out which windows version you’re running simply click Start > Settings (the gear icon) > System, and on the left side at the bottom, click About.  Here, my system shows I’m running Version 2004 (known as the Windows 10 May 2020 Update).

There is another Windows 10 update planned for release soon (known as Windows 10 version 20H2 ‘The November’ release).  We’ll be maintaing a watching brief to see if any issues crop up with this release when the time comes.

Thanks for your continued support. 

Team Diagnostic Assistance.