Advanced Electric Vehicle Training – Results in EV Level 4 Qualification

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3rd - 5th Oct

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Advanced Electric Vehicles Training - results in the award of EV Level 4 Qualification

This three day Advanced Electric Vehicles training course has been designed for technicians who are already operating with a Level 3 Hybrid and EV Qualification.

This course will get you ‘in the groove’ with EV diagnosis and repair. Hands-on, expert led ‘voyage’ of electric and hybrid vehicle discovery. This course will lead to an official government nationally recognised EV qualification at the highest level. But the course is not aimed just at qualification, but to equipping you with the knowledge and skills to service, repair and diagnose electric vehicles.

EV will shake the foundation of automotive technicians (and garage owners) knowledge. These things are radically different. Service, repair, diagnostics, operation, maintenance – all different.

Here’s a quick review of why.

Like for a petrol or a diesel vehicle no-start, you’ll have a ‘go-to’ top 10 PID (live data parameter) list to give you diagnostic direction. Name your top 10 Hybrid and EV PIDs to solve a lack of traction motor operation.

If that’s a little too difficult, how about diagnosing a lack of mains charge to the HV battery. Assume the wall outlet is OK, where next? What are the signals you should expect?

OK, how about a really easy one – your customer complains that the Hybrid Vehicle is suffering from a jerky drive mode. What and how are you going to test to diagnose the root cause?

These are all things you’ll need to know. Everything is different with EV. If you want to be able to answer these (and many, many more relevant questions) consider coming on this training course. It will help you build a future for yourself.

This course will enable you to diagnose and repair Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle systems at a high level of complexity, including working on a live system.

This unique course is the most advanced course available. We are of a few training organisations worldwide that offer certified training at this level.

Run in our high quality, bespoke skills centre, this course takes a deep dive into Hybrid and EV control systems including fault and symptom analysis,  data stream familarity, diagnostic routines, comprehensive component test (including charging cables, on-board chargers. Inverter, resolver and motor test and measurement) and much more.

Successful completion (via formal assessment) leads to the highest level of nationally recognised qualification.


Course Content

  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 100% 100%
  • Systems Operation 70% 70%
  • Hands On Diagnosis 50% 50%
  • Diagnostic Test & Analysis 40% 40%
  • Scan Tool & OEM Information 25% 25%
  • Safe Working Practices 17% 17%
  • Remove & Refit Hybrid Components 15% 15%
* Percentages shown are an estimate of the content based on a typical course.

More Detailed Information

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle is a set to be a huge growth area with many motor manufacturers declaring that the end is nigh for traditional petrol and diesel engined vehicles. Hybrids and electric vehicle may seem complicated and daunting and can cause confusion when trying to service, repair or diagnose a system fault. In addition to this, safe working practices must be adopted during routine service and repair, as well as when components are removed and refitted.

Our expertise of hybrid and EV is long and wide. We have been involved with the running hybrid and electric vehicles, in their diagnosis and repair (including advanced battery repairs) and training since the mid 2000’s. We currently have a hybrid/EV in our personal fleet. We also deliver train-the-trainer on hybrid and electrical vehicle to training companies and technical colleges throughout the UK.

This course will take you through our unique approach to safe working, diagnosis and repair of high voltage components, including live system testing. Everything we cover on this course has a direct link to the practical aspect of diagnosis and fault finding on hybrid and electric vehicles.

During the course you will cover:

• Diagnosis of a wide range of vehicle faults including: Motor Generators (Voltage and current analysis), Inverter, Resolver, Mains Charging, On-board Chargers, Battery Health, Battery Balancing, Battery Cell R&R, High Voltage ananlysis (differential probes) and much more.
• Live system working (component analysis during operation).
• Safe working practices.
• Diagnostic Strategies.
• Fault finding procedures.
• Roadtest techniques, serial data logging and serial data analysis.
• Manufacturers Scan tools and information/diagnostic systems.

We have teamed up with the IMI in order to have this course accredited at Level 4. But we go deeper, delving into the specifics of real-world fault finding. This course exceeds the National Occupation Standards. 

This course requires that participants are in possession of a IMI Level 3 Hybrid/EV Qualification. 


It is anticipated that Level 3 will the minimum requirement in the future. Best practice dictates that each technical staff member should be qualified to at least level 2 (service technician). Diagnostic technicians should be qualified to level 3 (for fault diagnosis and removal, test and refit of high voltage systems) and the senior technician/foreman master technician should be qualified to level 4. There may duty of care implications  or liabilities for business owners if adequate training for these systems isn’t provided for employees.