Vehicle Fault Repair & Diagnostics Services in Bridgwater and surrounding areas

Specialists in Vehicle Fault Finding

Complex car problems, save money, call us first.

Your vehicle problems solved by spcialist diagnostics services in Bridgwater.

Highly trained Master Technicians accurately identify vehicle faults and problems.

We’ll advise on the necessary repair process.

We will confirm the cause and suggest a course of action to solve the problem.

You choose what you what to do. You remain in control of the budget. 

Vehicle Problem Assessment

We perform a comprehensive health check of the reported symptoms in an attempt to solve your vehicle concern, which includes test, measurement and minor (no parts) fault rectification.

This service will save you spending money unnecessary parts 


Fixed fee, no surprises.


£100 + vat

Vehicles Are Very Complex

We will use our 30+ years of fault finding experience to resolve your vehicle problems.

We are specialists.

We have the best trained staff.


Expertise Saves You Money

We are trained on the latest systems and are equipped to the best standards.

We have the best technical resources.

We have a vast amount of specific experience.

How Does It Work?

We agree a budget with you and stick to it.

We put you in control of the repair process, your car, your problem, your money, you decide.


Services and Expertise

Vehicle Diagnostics Over 30 years specific diagnostic and trobuleshooting experience.


Expert Level Vehicle Diagnostics Our independently verified Master Technician will give your problem his personal attention.

Master Technician

Fault Diagnosis We apply our expertise, our experience, our resources and our skill in equal measure to ensure your problem is resolved in the most cost effective, value for money way possible.

Busy workshop full of vehicles with problems being solved.

We can help most people on most vehicles with most complex problems.

Things we are unable to help you with:


Quick code reads, or plug-in’s, or a ‘diagnostic’ or ‘Just turning the light off’.


Money you’ve spent eleswhere trying to fix your problem.


The ‘other’ garage or mechanic who could’t fix it.


Second hand parts or parts you’ve supplied yourself.


Getting to work or getting the kids to school, or not being able to leave the vehicle with us.