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 Not all garages are the same! For the same reason that you wouldn’t take your computer to a builder, and you wouldn’t ask the baker to sort out your last will and testament, you shouldn’t take your diagnostic or auto electrical problems to a general garage. If you do, its likely to cost you far more money that it should and it will take much longer that it should. 

Vehicles Are Very Complex

The modern car can have upto 70 processors on-board. It’s logical to assume that all we need is a computer to fix it? Well, of course it’s not quite a simple as that.

If this was the case, we wouldn’t need doctors, solicitors, architects , IT people (and so on). All of the things they do would have been replaced by a computer and Google.


The fact is that our expertise, skill, knowledge, training and resources can be applied to your problem to solve it in the quickest and most cost effective manner.

Expertise Saves You Money

Taking your vehicle to your local garage may seem like the right thing to do. However, their advantage is that they are generalists. Most garages do servicing, tyres, MOT, clutches and the like. Great for general stuff, but not so good for electrical or diagnostic problems.

We focus only on Diagnostics and Auto Electrical. This means that we have focused our training and resources to become experts, so that we can get the answer to your problem efficiently and economically.

We may seem more expensive initially, but in the lifecycle of solving your problem, we work out less expensive that the general repair garage.

How Does It Work?

If your garage of choice is limited to ‘plugging their computer in’ too see what the problem is, it’s time to reconsider your choice.

If they tell you ‘the computer said it was X, Y or Z’ take your car back, otherwise they will blow your money by throwing multiple parts at the problem until it is fixed, or you run out of money.

Our approach has been honed over the 30 years that we have been ‘doing diagnostics’. What makes us different is

  • We are specialists.
  • We test – we don’t guess at what’s wrong.
  • We have the best trained staff.
  • We have the best technical resources.
  • We have a vast amount of specific experience.
  • We agree a budget with you and stick to it.
  • We put you in control of the repair process, your car, your problem, your money, you decide.



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Over 30 years specific diagnostic and trobuleshooting experience.


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Expert Level Vehicle Diagnostics

Our independently verified Master Technician will give your problem his personal attention.

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We apply our expertise, our experience, our resources and our skill in equal measure to ensure your problem is resolved in the most cost effective, value for money way possible.


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