Pressure Transducer Kit and 1 Day Training Special Offer (Last Few Remaining)


WPS 500x Pressure Transducer Kit, including 1 days hands on training 25th Mar.


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Pressure Transducer Kit and 1 Day Training Special Offer.


One day, hands on training seminar included at TTHQ on 25th Mar.

In addition to the transducer, the WPS500X kit includes the following accessories:

  • PA094 WPS500X compression adaptor carry case
  • TA081  USB charging cable for the WPS500X
  • TA083  Fuel hose for WPS500, large Schrader
  • TA085  Vacuum hose for WPS500 pressure transducer
  • TA086  Bleed hose for WPS500 pressure transducer
  • TA087  Exhaust adaptor for WPS500 pressure transducer
  • TA117  Fuel hose for WPS500, small Schrader
  • TA129  Universal vacuum adaptor
  • TA130 BNC 5m to BNC cable
  • TA142  Foster 2 series quick coupler female to ¼ NPT male
  • TA212  Standard compression hose for WPS 500
  • TA213  Adaptor M10 short reach
  • TA216  Adaptor M12 deep reach
  • TA217  Adaptor M14 short reach
  • TA218  Adaptor M14 deep reach

There are other WPS and Pico Scope kit options available, please get in touch for details.

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