Diagnostic Assistance Version 16 (inc UK Shipping)


Version 16 has update content compared to previous versions.

This software delivers just-in-time training, support and help to automotive technicians in the field. The software contains help and guidance to vehicle technicians whilst diagnosing and repairing problems vehicles.

Written in technician friendly language. A must-have aid to help you get the best from your scan tool, multi-meter and other diagnostic tools.


  • 137 subject matter technical subject matter documents
  • 138 component tests covering Petrol Engine Management (including Gdi & FSi), Diesel Engine Management, Chassis Systems and Body Systems.
  • In excess of 2700 technical drawings, sample waveforms images and diagrams.
  • The software will launch the Pico oscilloscope files directly from the software so you dont have to worry about scope set-up.
  • There is an On-line member’s area to save & share tips, waveform & files.

Can be installed on multiple computers (uses a usb dongle license).

Compatible with Windows operating system (XP to Win 10).

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