Master Tech Development

Our Master Technician Certified program offers technicians a development route to becoming a highly qualified top-tier technician.

It is aimed at senior technicians who would like a defined, structured route of education, training with the top level accredited qualification outcome.

The Master Technician program is suited to technicians operating in the motor industry at a minimum of level 3 with at least 5 years post qualification experience.

Structured Course Schedule

We offer a payment plan for this program to ensure your training budget delivers the very best value for money.

The Master Technician program can be completed in 12 – 18 months with courses running at 6 to 8 week intervals.

The course plan is agreed at the beginning of the program and the technical topics team will work with you during the program to ensure your success in achieving the top-tier technical status of Accredited Master Technician.

IMI Accreditation

Successful completion of the program and assessment will result in the award of the accredited Master Technician award and your entry on to the IMI’s Professional Register.

Your professional status of Master Technician is the pinnicle of technical achievement and is recognised throughout the motor industry.

Advanced Electronics

Electronics are at the heart of the vast majority of automotive control systems, from Adaptive Cruise Control to Vehicle Networks. This highly engaging training course will take you through the both the key components and the principles involved in managing and controlling a wide range of systems.

You will get hand on with transistors, resistors, integrated circuits, mosfets, logic boards, single circuit control microprocessors, flashing and programming, coding, brushless DC motors, AC controllers, IGBT’s and a whole load more. All of these things will be directly relateable to the advanced diagnosis of automotive systems.

You will develop sensor simulators, actuator controllers, logic flow control, input/output/logic loops in addition to a bunch of other very useful things.

Scope Masterclass

The oscilloscope is at the heart of the Master Technicians diagnostic tool set.  The ‘scope will enable rapid and accurate diagnosis of the system under investigation, be that a Flexray Network or a Microwave Distance Sensor.

This course will make the difference between diagnosing faults and not! This highly practical course will take you through our unique approach to fault finding a wide range of systems, such as Common Rail Diesel, Petrol Engine Management, Ignition Systems, CAN Bus (testing overview) and a vast array of other vehicle components. We will build your skills, knowledge and experience to an advanced user level.

Everything we cover on this course has a direct link to the practical aspect of diagnosing and fixing vehicles. You’ll get hands on with a wide range of vehicle systems, components as well as the latest scope and associated measurement devices (such as pressure transducers, current clamps and analytical software).

The course will supercharge your diagnosis & fault finding skills.

Networks & Body

Vehicle networking & body systems include communication technologies such as single wire LIN, sensors with SENT protocol, CAN Bus, FlexRay, MOST and others.

The modern master technician has to have an in-depth understanding of these technologies and how they are critical to the function of the modern joined-up motor vehicle and the various control systems.

Test, measurement and diagnosis forms a large part of this course. Hands-on with scope, scan tool and multimeters will see you testing a wide variety of systems and components.

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