Accredited EV Technican Training

Phase Testing EV Main Cables

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technical Training

We are and Training Centre which delivers accredited qualifications. The EV courses we offer are certified and provide a nationally recognised qualification.

We have been involved in running, repairing and training Hybrid and EV technology since 2004. 

EV Bootcamp (L2, L3 & L4)

If you have a sound mechanical and technical knowledge of motor vehicles, this course will bring you fully up-to-speed with EV technology and enable you to achieve accreditation to Level 4. This unique and highly regarded EV Bootcamp is a 5 day immersive training course, which covers all aspects of Hybrid and EV’s. A must-do course.

EV Introduction (L3)

This course, which could be considered the minimum standard required for mechanics and technicians who will be servicing and repairing electric and hybrid vehicles. It provids the skill and knowledge to service and repair hybrid and EV. A 2 day course enabling you to achieve EV qualifications at Level 2 and Level 3.

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles In-Depth & Diagnosis (L4)

This option is great if you have already gained EV certification at Level 3. This course goes much, much deeper into diagnosis and repair, including working on live systems. Our EV Advanced course will take existing L3 qualification holders to the pinnicle of EV qualifications & understanding, resulting in a Level 4 qualification and an greatly expanded understanding of EV technology. A 3 day, hands-on course.

EV OEM Specific

For single make and specialist vehicle workshops, we offer bespoke EV vehicle training. We can arrange to cover BMW i3, VW GTE, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, JLR and other specific vehicles across our EV training course. The course employs the brand diagnostic tools and the brand portal and information systems.