The eBulletins are a great way to keep pace with modern technology. These interactive media rich bulletins help learning in the workplace very easy. 12 issues in one set.

USB Security

The eBulletins application uses a portable USB security license. This means that the eBulletins application can be installed on many different computers, simply insert the USB key to access the software.

Technology Focus

Each eBulletin issue contains detailed up-to-date information about the system being covered. The issues contain a mix of video, animated waveforms, live datastream comparisons images and descriptive text.

Ahead of the Game

eBulletins make an excellent work based learning resource, which will help you stay in front of your competitiors.

Dynamic Animated Waveforms

The eBulletins come complete with sample component output waveforms. The waveforms are two stage. Stage 1 the standard waveform, Stage 2, the waveform comes to life with a descriptive overlay. The original Pico Scope PSD files are included also, meaning you can go straight from the eBulletin to measuring a live vehicle.

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Detailed Technical Descriptions and Drawings

The old saying that a picture paints a thousand words is never more applicable when said in relation to a technical subject.  Each bulletin contains plain language descriptions and originally specified technical drawings. This combination makes the complex simple and really brings the subject to life.

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Download Instructions

Download and Installation Instructions

1) Click on the link in the email you received after subscription. 

2) Download the eBulletins setup.exe file and simply follow the automated installation process. This will install the eBulletins software and put a shortcut on the computers desktop. 

Image of the desktop shortcut

3) Insert the USB key in a spare USB slot of the computer you are using. Wait for the red LED to illumnate, then double click on the shortcut.

4) The eBulletins application will start and you have open access to the content whilst the USB key is present in the PC.

Please remember that the eBulletin software can be installed on multiple PC’s, the USB key must be present in any computer used to view the eBulletins.