TTHQ Remote - Mega-byte e-learning and webinar programme.

e-learning supported with free webinars – lock-down learning. 

E-learning for 12 months & free webinars during the lock-down.

Over 400 hours of material.

Structured programme.

2 x weekly webinars which follow the programmes progress.

Regular module releases.

Mega-bytes e-learning (and free webinars)

With over 1700 individual course modules our unique e-learning and webinar package is designed to support our customers on their journey of learning and skills development.

There are weekly Master Technician led technical webinar sessions to accompany the e-learning package.

This course contains over 1700 individual modules, 400 hours of learning.

Our programme of learning will provide you with a deep understanding of all aspects of the modern motor vehicle.

12 months access to our e-learning package (and free weekly webinars whilst on lock-down).

Please note that prices shown below are plus VAT at the current rate.

The above video shows a sample screen shot from the direct petrol injection module.

This video shows part of the EGR valve module.


by | Feb 17, 2019