Diagnostic Assistance software has an annual license procedure on its perpetual license policy.

The software has a counter on the header. You can refresh your license up to 14 days before it expires, to prevent loss of service.

Below are the instructions on how to refresh your license.

Step 1.

You’re getting an error message when you try to start the software (shown below)

Fig 1.

This means that you let the license expire. No problem. We can help you solve that.

Step 2.

You need to download our license refresh utility. Click the image below to begin the download.

Make a note of where you saved this file. It’s called UserUtility.exe

Fig 2. Link to software utility (click to download)

Step 3.

Open up the UserUtility and you will see the following box appear on your screen.

Fig 3. User Utility Screen.

Step 4.

Put the blue USB hardware key into a USB port on your computer.

Click on the Device Information tab at the top of the UserUtility screen.

This will open a new page shown below.

Fig 4. Gathering the license information from your USB key.

Step 5.

Click the email button to send the information to us. Send this to the email address


Note: If you are having trouble getting your emails to work, simply copy and paste the information from this window into the body of a blank email. Send it the the email address mentioned above manually.

Fig 5. The email that you send to us.

Step 6.

Within 2 working days (usually much quicker) you will receive an email back from us containing a release code.

Open the UserUtility again, this time clicking on the Update tab (shown below).

Fig 6. Updating the license key.

Copy the code we sent you from the email (use the copy function).

Put this into the Activation Code box above. Then click Activate. That’s it! Ready and set for another 365 days.

If you have a problem with this process, take a look at the Troubleshooting Guide below.