Dealer Diagnostics Tool Training

Dealer Diagnostic Tool Training

Our dealer level diagnostic tool training courses show you how to use the dealer tools, but from an independents perspective.

We’ll get hand’s on with the tool and a brand specific vehicle and we will run you through the tools operation, range of capabilities and functions.

We’ll also go through the dealer information source, logins and sign up and really give you the inside track how to improve your businesses effectiveness using the dealer tool to best effect.


The VW groups ODIS diagnostic platform is a brilliant tool, when you know how to use it. If you don’t know how, it can seem like the most awkward tool you ever used.

We will show you the inside track on how to use ODIS integrated functions (Diag, Protocols, Sessions, Else Pro, TPI, Guided Functions, Guided Diagnostics, Test Plans…….the list really does go on).

Hands-on, friendly, face-to-face training. The only way to learn.


ISTA, AOS and ICOM, what a trio. If you’re keen to offer dealer level services for the BMW group of vehicles, these three little acronyms need to be your best friends.

We love this tool set. The confidence in being able to say ‘I DO’, when asked about BMW vehicle technical services is awe inspiring. Get this tool set in you workshop and under your control and you’ll never look back.

Train to get ahead. Do what you say, say what you can do.


One of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the UK market, and one that also gives many, many repair opportunities, the PSA group really needs the dealer toolset to maximise all of these repair opportunities.

Our PSA Diagbox training course will enable you to be much more quick and accurate in your fault diagnosis, special functions and information.

The french brands offer abundant diagnostic and repair opportunities. This tool will enable you to capatialise upon them.

12th & 13th September

19th & 20th September

5th & 6th September

e-learning for Dealer Diagnostic Tools & Systems

We’re delighted to announce that the BMW ISTA, AIR and AOS e-learning is now live. There is a short video describing the service below.


Vauxhall and Opel are one of the most popular brands of vehicles on the road today. Imaging, with the help of this dealer tool, being able to say YES to any of the complex diagnostic tasks, including module coding and programming, adding new keys, performing updates and guided fault finding.

What’s not to like? This training course will help you be a Vauxhall and Opel superhero. Hands-on, real world training, adding value to your business.


Another great value brand of motor vehicles. High value, complex, worth repairing. Another great brand to go dealer level with.

Symptom Driven Diagnostics & Pathfinder have been designed to get from fault to fix in the shortest diagnostic route possible.

As we all know, the best laid battle plans don’t survive the first throes of war. These tools are aimed at getting you to the answer.

An asset to any workshop.